Keep up the passion

Chronic illnesses can challenge anyone with not being able to do normal things that you did before. The part being not able to plan is the hardest. For me, I have come a long way to let go of things. Still there are times I stretch and push myself to do things that are my passion. Being a software developer, to me, its attending technology conferences.

Its been a rough couple of months with extreme body pain, fatigue, low grade fever, severe pain along the spine, SI joints, subcutaneous nodules in the body along with unknown reason for elevated sedimentation rate. Currently waiting on more tests & results. I did have to take prescription strength Vitamin-D supplements as it was very low. Doctors say that it can mimic lot of Fibromyalgia symptoms.

I had to fly out to attend a three day technology conference that was planned couple of months ago. I did feel nervous as health went haywire after I signed up for the event. I did finally make it to the conference. Its worth it! I did have a LIFE before Fibromyalgia got me. I am not letting it win. I want to live the BEST I can!